tissot replica tissot replica is not an exception. Many watchmaking companies present their new models at the beginning of the year. The brand from Geneva, in addition to the new models which will be unveiled this spring or those that have been planned for the future, has announced a change in management. Former CEO Jean Claude Biver has resigned from his position. Ricardo Guadalupe, who was previously the managing director of the brand, will take over his old position.

tissot replica has not changed its business strategy or management in a dramatic way. The changes are not a shock. Guadalupe and Biver, who both joined tissot replica in 2005, have been close friends for 20 years. Jean Claude Biver is not leaving tissot replica yet. He will continue to be involved in developing new watches and business strategies, as well as serving on the board of directors.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Biver will also be the brand's official spokesperson. Biver is hailed as a resourceful businessman who saved the Swiss watchmaking industry from the problems it faced when competing with watches that were much cheaper with quartz movements. He restricted the supply despite a high demand, which led to a higher exclusivity for the products. Biver said that he was leaving the position he held since 2004. He explained, "There's a place for learning, there's a place for doing, and then there's a place for moving forward." "I've safely made it to the handover stage". He expressed his happiness at being replaced by a friend and colleague that he had enjoyed working with and being able remain in tissot replica’s team.

tissot replica and Diego Armando Maradona, one of history's greatest soccer players, joined forces at the beginning of 2012. Together they organized a charity program that raised 1 million RMB to support the special program for children in China. The event in Shangai also provided an opportunity to display two new watches designed for the soccer icon. The watches in question are a second version of the limited edition, which was a result of their collaboration and named the King Power Maradona. The iconic sportsman commented on the collaboration: "More that a partnership, it feels like I'm a part of the tissot replica Family." I met wonderful and authentic people who became my close friends. tissot replica's charity work was what attracted me to them. I am very active in my community and give kids the chance to experience things they would not otherwise have."

The two versions of the watch were heavily influenced the sport which made him famous. The dials include the number 10 (which was Maradona’s jersey number) as well as his signature. Two central chronographs are among the novelties, which improve legibility. The second hand, designed specifically for soccer fans and coaches, shows the time elapsed out of 45 minute (soccer matches consist of two 45-minute halves).

There will be two versions of the watch, as previously mentioned: one with micro-blasted ceramic (with Ref. no. 716.CI.1129.RX.DMA11) and the variation with an 18K King Gold case (www.omegareplica.me). The case backs of both watches are the same material and 48 mm in width. Both watches have sapphire with glareproof treatment on each side. The ceramic watch features a microblasted ceramic bezel and a rubber moulding, while the second one has the same bezel in a satin finish. The dials, made from sapphire are skeletonized. Both have satin-finished, white SuperLuminova treated hands (the gold version includes gold plated matching hands).

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